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Indischer Gewürztee in feinster Bioqualität. Mit Liebe und Seele in Zürich Handgemacht.


About Chai

Chai can include a number of different spices. Cardamom and ginger are the most common ingredients, followed by some mixture of cinnamon, star anise and cloves. Pepper, coriander, nutmeg and fennel are also used, but they are slightly less common. Every family has a blend to suit its tastes.

Yes, it is. You may have heard people say ‘chai tea’ which basically means tea. In India and other south Asian countries, the term ‘chai’ means tea. To put it into perspective, to a native Hindi speaker, ‘chai tea’ means ‘tea tea’. So, saying either chai or tea is perfectly fine.

This is a common reason for the feud between chai and coffee enthusiasts. To compare, there are a few factors that one could look for. For example, we could compare the amount of caffeine in both. You would have to drink three cups of chai/tea to achieve the same amount of caffeine you get in a single cup of coffee. This shows that coffee is richer in caffeine and thus, leaves people feeling jittery or restless. Furthermore, a study shows that signs of heart disease were seen in 75% of people who drank coffee whereas 40% in people who drank tea. However, you need to keep in mind that excessive intake of anything can lead to adverse effects.

The most common reason people drink chai is because it has become a part of their morning routine and is a great way to start the day. The caffeine boost helps them stay alert and the fragrance of chai enhances their mood. 

Chai works well when brewed directly in milk. The spices also enhance the beverage in a nice way, which is why chai lattes are so popular. One of the nice things about brewing tea in milk is that your tea will most likely never taste too bitter because the milk helps mask the tannins. Chai is traditionally brewed with milk in India but you can brew it the way YOU like it. It contains only spices and tea, so if you prefer not to use milk, simply leave it out for a delicious black tea version.

Chai according to some beliefs might help boost heart health, reduce blood sugar levels and aid digestion. Although most of these health benefits are backed by science, it’s worth noting that they are generally linked to the ingredients used in chai tea rather than chai tea itself.

Chai has gained popularity due to its many benefits that we previously stated. As many millennials switch to a healthy, gluten-free, vegan lifestyle, chai can complement their diet as it comes with many healthy options. Recently, many well-known celebrities have made chai a part of their life, adding to its popularity.  However, the most common reason being that it is a drink that provides energy for working throughout the day.

Chai lattes are often made with either a soluble powder or a syrup imitating a chai flavor by dissolving about a tablespoon of powder in a small amount of hot water and then adding steamed milk to form a latte whereas chai tea is essentially ‘brewed’ with loose tea in hot milk with a little sweetener. In simpler words, if you are looking for something strong, ‘chai tea’ is your choice. For a sweeter taste, chai latte can be chosen

Premsoul Products

Since Premsoul’s beginning in 2010, we have laid strong emphasis on the sustainability of our products. Being lovers of nature, we found it impossible to offer anything else to friends and customers than organic ingredients that do not destroy the eco systems which we depend on. Proudly Organic Certified since 2013 by bio.inspecta in Switzerland.

In 2015 we personally visited Kerala to see the farmers and their spices. Approximately 70% of the Spice that we get are bought from the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala. In their own  words they are ‘An organisation that aims to promote sustainable development and to reduce poverty through fairtrade; making changes to the conventional trading system that aim to benefit small producers in Kerala.’ 

Our packaging is made of 100% recycled brown kraft paper (no bleaching). The tubes are lined with a thin layer of food grade aluminium specially to keep the tea dry and sustain optimal flavour. We also offer a range of refill bags which are made of brown paper bags and paper labels. They are meant to reduce price, packaging waste and eliminate plastic from our packaging system.

Yes, we have a number of caffeine free options. The best alternative and the closest option to a classical Masala Chai without caffeine, is the Rooibos Chai mix. Alternately, we have new in our range a Chocolate Chai or Pink Latte mix which make great caffeine free alternatives.


We love to cook our Chai with Oat milk, we have done so since 2012 and have never turned back. It is less heavy, sweet and does not have the slimy feel of Cow Milk. Naturally it’s Vegan!

Chai Mix: When using Premsoul Chai mixes, we generally recommend about 1 teaspoon per 2dl cup of Chai. Chai Essence: for best results we recommend using a ratio of 1 part Essence 5 parts Milk (or alternative).

When we serve at our Market stands we brew the Chai for 6 minutes before straining.

However unlike brewing tea with water, chai is brewed with milk and the milk helps to mask the bitterness of the tannins. This allows for a longer brew time, meaning the Chai spices will get stronger without the tea getting bitter. 

The answer therefore is the question, how strong do you like your chai?

Chai mixes: it is very important that they remain sealed and stored in a dark and cool cupboard. After grinding, we pack the chai into airtight containers and deliver fresh to our customers. For best results, we recommend drinking your chai as soon as possible. 

Chai Essences: we recommend storing them in the fridge once opened for up to 2 months from open date. Unrefrigerated one should drink the Chai Essence within 1 week.

Premsoul Online shop

We offer free sending on orders over CHF100.-

Unopened products may be returned, but the quality seal must remain intact. The return sending cost is taken over by the customer unless the fault is ours, in which case we will absorb the cost of the return post.

Yes you can, please select the Pickup option at the checkout and note when you expect to come.

1-3 Working days. Typically we process your orders on the day of receiving and send the packets via A-Post to maintain the best quality service and speediest delivery to you.

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