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Indischer Gewürztee in feinster Bioqualität. Mit Liebe und Seele in Zürich Handgemacht.




Chai is tea that contains various spices. The blends are based for example on black tea or rooibos tea. Cardamom is a common ingredient in chai followed by cinnamon, ginger, star anise and cloves. Spices like pepper, coriander, nutmeg and fennel are also used, but are less common.

That’s right, chai means tea. You may have heard the term “chai tea,” which is basically saying the same thing twice. In India and other South Asian countries, the term “chai” means tea. Thus, to a native Hindi speaker, “chai tea” means “tea tea”.

Our chai blends contain many organic spices that have different positive effects on the body. For example, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, coffee contains more caffeine than tea.

In India chai is traditionally brewed with milk, but you can also simply just use water which makes it lighter. Ideally you brew your chai with milk which helps the spices to unfold their rich flavors and reduces the bitterness.


Yes, our products are certified organic and fairly traded. Since the founding of Premsoul in 2010, sustainability and the protection of nature has been our top priority. Since the year 2013 we are proudly certified organic.

In 2015, we visited the Kerala region in southern India to get to know the farmers and their work. About 70% of the spices imported by us are traded by the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala. The goal of this organization is to promote sustainable agriculture and to reduce poverty through fair trade.

Our packaging is made of 100% recycled brown kraft paper (no bleaching). The tubes are lined with a thin layer of food grade aluminium specially to keep the tea dry and sustain optimal flavour. We also offer a range of refill bags which are made of brown paper bags and paper labels. They are meant to reduce price, packaging waste and eliminate plastic from our packaging system.

Yes, we do have some decaf chais. The best alternative which is also the closest to a classic chai is our Rooibos blend. In addition, we offer a Chocolate Chai and a smooth Pink Latte which are also delicious caffeine-free options.


In principle, all types of milk are suitable, both cow’s milk and plant-based milk. We love to brew our chai with oat milk, which we do since 2012 and it’s still our favorite option. It is less heavy, has a nice, mild sweetness and is vegan.

Chai Blend: When brewing Premsoul chai, we generally recommend about 1 teaspoon of chai per 2-3 dl. Simply heat your favorite milk or water in a pan, add 1 teaspoon of chai and let it simmer for about 6-8 minutes. Then pour through a sieve and top it off with foamed milk if desired.

Chai Essence: For best results, we recommend a ratio of 1 part essence to 5 parts milk. For an ice cold chai, fill the glass with ice cubes, add our essence and fill the glass with cold milk, stir and enjoy.

Basically, you can simmer the chai as long as you like. The longer you let it simmer, the stronger the chai gets. However, after 10 minutes, the bitter substances may be more prominent, which is not ideal. We let our blends infuse between 6-8 minutes on average. In contrast to brewing classic tea with water, chai is ideally prepared with milk, which conceals the bitterness of the spices and allows the chai to simmer longer. In addition, the milk helps the flavors to unfold.


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On average it takes 1-3 business days. Normally we process orders on the same day and ship the packages by priority mail to ensure the best service and the fastest delivery.

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