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Indischer Gewürztee in feinster Bioqualität. Mit Liebe und Seele in Zürich Handgemacht.
Our Story

Our Story

Chaioneers Our Story

Premsoul stands for Indian spiced tea of the finest organic quality.

We – Alexandra from Zurich and Brendon from Melbourne – met in India. The fascination of the country and the pleasure of drinking chai inspired us to create our own blends. It all started with our meeting at Mumbai station, where we boarded the same train.

  • Summer 2011

    Idea under the tree

    Under the big tree at the ‘Bäckeranlage’ in Zurich we sat and philosophised about (Indian) gods and the world, about the market life and about fine Chai blends that we wanted to make ourselves.

  • Autumn 2011

    market time

    The Rosenhof and the Rimini Monday market in Zurich were our first platforms where we sold our Chai blends. The Slowfood 2011 helped us to make a breakthrough, people queued up, we had to keep on producing.

  • 2013

    Chai Studio

    The demand increased, and so did the amount of chai we produced. Soon our flat was no longer sufficient and we moved the production to the nearby bakery. For a short time ok, but soon too small and cumbersome and we moved into our Chai studio. At the foot of the Uetliberg, the room combined the production kitchen, office and warehouse.

  • 2015

    Trip to India

    Now a small family with son Jaro (2011) and baby Elif in the stomach – we travelled to India to meet the small farmers of the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala personally. What a joy to see where all the spices come from and to have an insight into the everyday life of the people!

  • 2018

    Chai Bike

    We are aware that it would be much faster and still remain a sustainable way of production if we were to connect our mill to a bicycle. With the help of a talented welder and bicycle builder Wim from Kolb-Rahmenbau we created the ‘Chai Bike’.

  • 2020

    10 years Premsoul

    This year Premsoul celebrates its 10th anniversary. It fills us with joy and pride that with our idea, passion and creativity we have built a business that not only delights consumers, but also works sustainably, organically and fairly.

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