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Indischer Gewürztee in feinster Bioqualität. Mit Liebe und Seele in Zürich Handgemacht.
Organic & Fair

Organic & Fair

SpicesOrganic & Fair

Based on our value system, it was clear from the beginning that we would produce sustainably, trade fairly and import only organically grown spices. We are proud of our enriching partnership with the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala. Kerala is an area in southern India where our spices are grown organically and in harmony with nature. The alliance was formed to help farmers gain access to the world market and improve their income through fair trade.

Watch the video below and discover how our partners in Kerala work:

Premsoul stands for organic spices, fairly traded. We stick to our values and don’t make compromises.

In 2015, we travelled to India with our son Jaro and baby Elif on its way. We visited the small farmers, got to know their work and joined them on their daily tasks. We were impressed by their friendliness and the joy with which they do the hard, physical work.

We learned how cardamom grows, what nutmeg trees look like and how pepper is harvested and processed. The friendly exchange with the local farmers was enriching and the shared spicy lunches a delight. We were touched by their warmth and generosity.

A deep friendship has developed with the farmer Thomas and his wife Tangama, so we visited them several times in their colourful blue house. It was wonderful to see how organically everything grows side by side, the garden resembles a small jungle filled with the best spices.

The work is hard: digging ginger roots out of the ground with a shovel, picking cardamom that grows close to the ground and climbing the high ladder to harvest the peppers. But the joy in the people’s eyes and the pride they take in their work has left a lasting impression on us.

This happiness flows into our chai blends and is part of our identity.

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