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Indischer Gewürztee in feinster Bioqualität. Mit Liebe und Seele in Zürich Handgemacht.


Organic Chai Spiced Tea

  • Enjoy this traditional chai tea blend and dive into the vibrant world of India. Our blend is based on an Assam black tea and is enriched with many organic spices. Try our interpretation of the classical chai with milk and sugar or enjoy it chilled with ice on a warm summer day.

    CHF9.50CHF22.50 incl. value added tax
  • Try our caffeine-free version with organic rooibos tea. Rooibos is a South African tea and a great alternative to black tea a little milder and with a natural sweetness to it. Enjoy this blend either iced or warm. It’s perfect in the evening, for children or pregnant women. A gentle chai tea for relaxing moments.

    CHF9.50CHF20.00 incl. value added tax
  • Health meets taste. This blend is perfect for those who want to do something good for their mind, body and soul. Our chai is enriched with turmeric, which not only gives it the yellow color, but also the anti-inflammatory properties. This chai is a great immune-booster and tastes fantastic as a latte in the morning. Enjoy our organic version of the golden milk.

    CHF14.50CHF26.00 incl. value added tax

Organic Chai Essence

Premsoul Chai – organic spiced tea fairly traded. Try our chai in the form of a rich essence, which makes it easy and quick to prepare.

Thanks to the pre-prepared essences, you can easily make your favorite chai at home. Enjoy our diverse creations either on a warm summer day with loads of ice or cozy up on a winter night and prepare a delicious chai latte with foamed milk and a dash of cinnamon on top.

  • This chai has a pleasant, light spiciness and can be enjoyed cold or warm. The powerful colour is made from organic beetroot juice and is the perfect start to the day. Our essence contains subtle notes of cinnamon, cardamom and a pinch of ginger. Ideal for anyone who loves a spicy pink latte.

    CHF14.00CHF38.00 incl. value added tax
  • Organic Swiss-Crafted Chai Essenz

    The Premsoul organic swiss-crafted chai essenz Bundle is a must-have for tea lovers seeking to elevate their daily cup of tea. This premium set includes four organic chai essences that will take your tea game to the next level. Each essence is crafted in Switzerland using traditional methods and sustainably-sourced ingredients. The bundle offers four unique and delicious flavors – Traditional, Rooibos, Turmeric, and Beetroot – to tantalize your taste buds with every sip.

    Premsoul is committed to using the best organic farming practices and sustainable sourcing methods to create essences that are not only healthy and delicious but also socially responsible. Whether you’re a tea lover or simply seeking to spice up your daily routine, the Premsoul Essenz Bundle is the perfect addition to your pantry. One bundle provides all four flavors at an unbeatable value.

    Indulge in the healthy and delicious Premsoul Essenz Bundle today and experience the authentic taste of Swiss-crafted chai essences. With this bundle, you can be confident that you’re making a healthy and responsible choice while enjoying the best quality tea essences on the market.

    CHF40.00 incl. value added tax
  • Bio Chai Latte Essenz

    Enjoy this traditional blend and dive into the vibrant world of India. Our blend is based on an Assam black tea and is enriched with many organic spices. We use high quality Mascobado whole cane sugar which creates a mild sweetness. Try our interpretation of the classic with your favorite milk and enjoy it warm or chilled on a summers day for a perfect Chai Latte.

    CHF13.00CHF35.00 incl. value added tax

The Premsoul family

We – Alexandra from Zurich and Brendon from Melbourne, Australia – met in India. Our journey began at the train station in Mumbai, where we boarded the same train. Fascinated by the country, its rich culture and the long chai tradition we took a leap of faith and started creating our own blends.


Did you know? 

The name Premsoul is a combination of the Sanskrit word “prem”, which stands for love, and the English word “soul”. “Created with love and soul”.

Our values

Premsoul stands for respect

We work with the “Fairtrade Alliance in Kerala”, which is committed to fair prices and good working conditions.

Premsoul stands for authenticity

We are a family business that communicates in an honest and transparent way.

Premsoul stands for sustainability

We produce ecologically, use recycled packaging and deliver in Zurich by bicycle.


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