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Indischer Gewürztee in feinster Bioqualität. Mit Liebe und Seele in Zürich Handgemacht.

A chai like in India? follow our recipe to create a Spicy Masala chai

Masala actually means ‘mix’ or ‘mischung’ in German, and Chai simply means ‘tea’. So what we are making here at Premsoul is a Mixed Spice Tea.

It is a traditional drink, which you can find all over India but in particular in the Northern states. What makes Chai so interesting is that there are an endless amount of variation to it. Essentially every family makes it differently.

This reciepe is to make 2 x 2dl cups of Masala Chai using Premsoul’s Traditional Mix.


  • Gas/electric/induction cooking plate
  • Small pot (depending on how much chai you will make)
  • 1 Litre Pouring Jug
  • Tea Spoon
  • Tea Strainer
  • 2 x of your favourite cups



1) Measure the 3dl milk & 1dl water and pour into the pot, then set the pot on the cooker that is set on high.

2) When the milk begins to simmer, drop down the heat to low and add the Chai Mix.

3) Let the mix simmer in the milk/water combination for anywhere between 5 & 10 minutes

The combination of quantity (of mix) and time will be what determines the quality of your chai, from years of experience I have found that by adding a little more mix and cooking for a lesser time, the quality will be spicy without any bitter notes. If you dont mind a little bitter black tea flavor then add less mix and cook for a longer time.

4) Stir occasionally

5) Strain out the mix using the tea strainer

6) Add sugar/Xylit or not.

7) Optional: In some parts of India they use a method of ‘stretching’ the tea, this aerates, mixes and cools the chai to a nice temperature. It also adds a nice layer of foam to you chai.

NOTE: It may be best to practice this first outside with cold water 🙂

Take two vessels with a curved lip to prevent dropping. Pour from a height back and forth. Like this!

How high you can go? 

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